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on a mission to Mars.

Download your free travel brochure and itinerary for a taste of what awaits on the trip of a lifetime.

blackstar booklet

"It's 'Oceans Eleven' but in space."


Life on Mars - A dying man’s only hope is to commit suicide and enter cryogenic suspension. Thawed after 500 years he learns he has the means to return to his own time, in the same way he has a thousand times before.


Black Star - A team hitch a ride on a cruise ship to Mars. They intend to recover an element unique in the universe known as Black Star. Three men plan to steal this priceless artefact, but not for financial gain.

Twin books can be read in either order. They are neither prequel, nor sequel or differing viewpoint of the same story. They are simultaneously released, only the reader can decide which to read first.

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