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michael mendoza

and then one day you find...

And then one day you find, ten years have got behind you.

No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.


Time written by Roger waters Pink Floyd 1974


A new literary genre is required to describe Michaels first two full length novels, he calls them ‘twins’.

Twins are two simultaneously released novels that can be read in either order or on their own. Forget sequel, forget prequel, forget stories from different viewpoints. 


The twins in question are ‘Black Star and Life on Mars’


Author and producer Michael J Dawson is busy convincing the world it needs to see these stories told on a stage.


Meanwhile his third novel, based on his award winning stage play ‘Jesus is a City Fan’ is well underway, .


He hit a double with Channel Four by being a finalist in two of their national writing competitions. One for a 6 part TV pilot and the second for a radio play script.


The twins aren’t the only ‘first and never been done before’ projects waiting in the wings. That’s a big claim in a medium that’s thousands of years old, but true. 


Overlapping the last decade were nine years as a presenter on FM radio, pioneering the medium of ‘Dramio’. There was a European Podcast of the Year final and a fairly decent foray into the world of stand up comedy. 

Not withstanding a list of stage plays, short stories and books written and films and plays produced.


He proudly unearthed and produced the only radio version of the beloved ‘Hot Fat’ by Jack Rosenthal.


"Passion project?
Everything’s a passion project.”


He runs his own business from his adopted home in Normandy, France.

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