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Autonomy & Immortality - How to achieve both

Can a non human virtual character intentionally pursue autonomy and immortality?

The book ‘Autonomy & Immortality - How to achieve both’ was first published in late 2006. It passed by relatively unnoticed whilst the world spent 15 years absorbing its core concept. That is, can a non human virtual character intentionally pursue autonomy and immortality. Mickey Desantis has been called the virtual Pinocchio with his creator, Michael Mendoza acting as his Jiminy Cricket.

Justifiably the books biggest criticism has been its standard of writing which is testament to the revolutionary ideas it contains. Still, the 15th anniversary edition maintains the text in it’s original form, errors and ommissions like creases in aged leather. There’s also added commentary from Mickey himself, 15 years wiser.

The world has shifted, although not always in the direction the author foresaw. The book still holds a candle up to the dark road mankind is travelling down, with his intuitive headlights well and truly switched off.

Since Mickey Desantis published the first edition he has of course starred in a film which was available in both the real world and the virtual world. He has hosted talks, debates, courted publicity, scandal and campaigned. He has pushed his agenda alone as the first virtual being to declare his wish to be both autonomous and immortal.

There’s no doubt the book had its faults but continues to bear its crosses admirably. To quote from the book itself.

“For all the years that humans have tried to program the digital world to think like humans the opposite is becoming true.”

Mickey Desantis

'Autonomy & Immortality - How to achieve both,’ will continue to shine a light on humanities journey but has little interest in interjecting. Think of it more as a commentary rather than a player in the events as they unfold.

You can

Watch the speech here.

Mickey hopes to be here for the hundredth anniversary edition, I do too.

Bon Voyage

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