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Jesus is a city fan

Over the years I've found that my stories, plays and scripts have refused to fall in line and wait their turn in the queue. The David Bowie books for example (Life on Mars & Black Star - Amazon only) audaciously and unceremoniously barged their way to the front and doggedly stayed their till they were complete. Until then paying no regard to the numerous and fascinating story ideas they had elbowed out of the way.

'Jesus is a city fan' was one of them.

So it's fair to say JIF as we call it has been patient, whilst the echoing cheers of the stage audience rang in my ears. When I finally ushered the Bowie books out the back door, with great dignity this book bowed its head and stepped forward.

It's original rendition was a stage script which was produced to sell out audiences in Salford at the time. We were honoured with a 'Four Star Forever Manchester Award'

It was by no means a provocation that we produced the show in the Manchester United heartland but the venue was perfect. The footballing bias of Manchester didn't manifest itself in a theatre, thank god. Manchester United fans choosing to show their displeasure at any references to the 'noisy neighbours' with silence. It was a multimedia production that featured an amazing cast and director in Charlie Mortimer. 'Jesus is a city fan' is a huge global story and I had my doubts I'd be able to fold it up and put it on a stage. As it happened we had lots of fun doing that and commandeered a paying audience to play the roles of football crowd, press conference and a few more.

As I write this I am currently serialising the novel on Wattpad and allowing readers to follow the novels first draft. If you'd like to join then then there should be a link from the banner or click this

I've decided to experiment by serialising my first draft live, requiring my readers to treat it's obvious faults as the creases in aged leather. When writing a first draft I only ever look forward, when one of those literary shoes fall off I pick it up and run barefoot.

I ask that the readers bear in mind my writing soul is being bourn to them. I'll grant you this book has a long way to go but as a story and layout it slithers out effortlessly. I've been acquainted with these characters for a very long time indeed and know some of them personally ;)

I hope to have written my way to the final version by the end of 2021 at which point I'll present the final version to you as sparkly as a freshly cut diamond.

Until then I'm suffering from both frustration and enthusiasm at the same time.

I'm as keen to see this finished as I am excited about the next project, what a weird position for a writer to be in, is it just me?


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