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Second Life - The movie

Seems like yesterday when we filmed this. It was a demo of episode one of a six part series I wrote for channel four. With the release of the 15th anniversary edition of Mickey’s book I thought I’d give it another look. Feels like a classic considering the resources we had, mainly ace people and masses of enthusiasm. To this day I’m blown away at how much they put into making my script a reality.

The full movie is on YouTube on the Mendoza musings channel or a quick search for second life the movie if your that way inclined. Here’s the blurb.

Finalist - Channel Four 'The radio plays the thing'

Finalist - Channel Four 'PILOT'

Finalist - 'Creative edge theatre festival'

"There's real life in the virtual world" Second Life the Movie.

A virtual ghost story that asks the question, what happens to your virtual world character when you die in the real world?

An online monitor thinks he's visited by a character from the virtual world of Second Life. The visit sets off a course of events that lead to only one conclusion.

written by Michael J Dawson

Mickey’s book ‘Autonomy & immortality - How to achieve both is a a FREE READ HERE


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